Wig Salon

Custom wigs and wig styling from Toppers Hair Design

Whether you've a hankering for longer, fuller hair - but can't wait for your own to grow - or indeed you're suffering the effects of alopecia or medical hair loss - Toppers' three highly trained wig specialists can help you to achieve the look you deserve. And give you back the self-esteem that hair loss can, all too often, erode.

Over the years, we have created 100s of custom wigs and unique wig styles for clients - male and female, young and old - suffering from alopecia or medical hair loss.

We offer an advisory, support and aftercare service that is second to none. And our discrete in-salon consulting room means all our clients are guaranteed absolute privacy - the freedom to discuss their individual needs and requirements, be they cosmetic or medical, with either Mitchell, Lisa or Lynn.

Following your free, no-obligation consultation, we'll help you to select the wig type and style that's just right for you.

Then we'll fit, cut and style your wig to reflect, precisely, your desired look - either to replicate your original style, or to create a whole new image.
At Toppers Hair Design we're proud to be associated My New Hair– a national charity established by celebrity hair stylist Trevor Sorbie MBE  to help individuals suffering from medical hair loss.
Having worked with MacMillan nurses, our three My New Hair certified stylists understand the human side of medical hair loss – how distressing hair loss can be, and how best we can use our expertise to make our clients feel better about the way they look.
Whenever possible, we like to meet with My New Hair clients before they undergo chemotherapy. This allows us to explain what they can expect: outlining how we can help them to cope with gradual hair loss; explaining the process of choosing and ordering an appropriate wig (be it from the NHS, or a private specialist); and recommending products and techniques to treat their hair and scalp to encourage re-growth.
Alternatively, if this is not possible, a photograph can help us to match your new wig to suit your natural hair.
Either way, by creating 'new hair' that looks absolutely natural, we help our clients to regain their confidence- which, in turn, can positively influence their recovery.

Whether you have an ongoing medical condition, or you're simply seeking to reinvent yourself - say, for a party or special event - you can be assured: at Toppers Hair Design we will provide you with a wig that that is personalised precisely to your preferences, face shape, colouration and personality. Creating a look that can evolve over time - as your moods and the seasons change.
And banishing bad hair days for good.