Zoe (Senior Stylist)

Question. Who understands the needs of a busy hairdressing salon than an experienced stylist?

Answer, no-one. Which is why we are so happy that Zoe joined us in summer 2017 as salon assistant.

Zoe is a fully qualified hair stylist. She trained in London and worked in Essex for 18 years. Then moved to Cambridgeshire to raise her family. Having pampered the ladies of Britain’s most fashion-conscious county our Zoe is well armed to look after Toppers’ clients and support the stylists.

Nothing is too much trouble for Zoe. She’s friendly, welcoming and open-minded and instinctively knows what’s needed. A great time-saver for everyone involved. “I’m thoroughly enjoying being back in a salon environment.” says Zoe “The camaraderie and the creativity here are second to none. The stylists are easy to get along with and the clients are clearly happy with the service. I feel sure that Toppers is the right place to bring my skills up to date and to rekindle my creativity.”