Michelle (Master Stylist)

Michelle joined Toppers in 1999 and we’re so glad that she did.  Michelle is a true “people person”. She welcomes each one of her clients with genuine warmth and puts as much energy into supporting clients and colleagues as she does into creating amazing hairstyles.

Michelle specialises in problem or unruly hair.  She is our Kerastase specialist, highly knowledgeable with a natural instinct for finding solutions for hair care problems.  Clients have been delighted to find that Michelle can transform fine, damaged, rebellious or thinning hair, boosting their confidence and transforming their lives.

“I enjoy a challenge and have never yet come across a hair-related problem I couldn’t solve.  When a person is unhappy with their
hair they lose their smile.  It’s amazing how the right products and hairstyle can boost self-esteem and bring joy back into someone’s life.  That’s why I love my job so much.”