Lisa (Director)

In 1991, after training and developing her hairdressing skills under John Lester, Lisa Co-founded Toppers Hair Salon with Mitchell Gordon. She hasn’t looked back since.

Lisa’s talent is in high demand at the Ely Salon.  Not least because she has a calm, considered approach to her work and a natural instinct for creating exactly the right styles for her clients.

Her discretion, compassion and understanding of the relationship between identity and hair underpins Lisa’s philosophy for the business.  “From the outset I wanted to create a salon where women can feel appreciated and special.  I’m passionate about creating hairstyles that suit the individual woman’s face, character and lifestyle.  Magazines and books are great for inspiration but when it comes to a woman’s hair, she needs something that is not just beautiful, it must also be manageable, something she can recreate at home.  It’s just fabulous to see somebody’s confidence return and watch them walk out of the salon with their head held high.”