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Hair Colouring

Absolute Colour - Majirel
Rich, permanent, intense tones
Re-Growth & Refresh £38.25
Global Application £48.50
Anti-Aging Colour - Luocolor
Fresh permanent colour withluminous shine
Re-Growth & Refresh £38.25
Global Application £48.50
100% Ammonia Free Permanent Colour - INOA
Naturally radiant colour with optimised respect for the hair
Re-Growth & Refresh £40.50
Global Application £50.50
DIA Richesse
Colour with Luxury Treatement
Enhance your colour with colour protecting treatment adding shine.  Lasts for 5 hair baths.
£41.00 for regrowth
£51.00 for global
Enhanced Colour - DIA Light £37.50
A sophisticated blush of colour
First Step Colour - Symbio £22.50
Colour boost treatament, lasting up to 10 shampoos
Lightening Price on Consultation
Colour Correction   £58.50 - £158.50

NB please add £10 to the above prices for double application

NB It is our policy that every client has a sensitivity test for any colour services at least 48 hors prior to the service.